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5 Best Dog Breeds for College Students

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on September 12, 2017 2:00:00 PM EDT

This is the first in our series, Best Dog Breeds for Apartments...

Heading off to college can be a daunting experience. You’re leaving behind your hometown, family, and friends - to venture into the world of adulthood.

First off, well done on making the decision to continue your education, this is your first step to a great career! But going to college doesn’t have to mean isolation from everything that you know, and in fact - that’s a pretty terrible idea if you ask me.

College is about the social experience, sure. But, it’s quite emphatically about learning too. And who is in a better state of mind, and ready to learn; than the owner of a loving dog?!

Nobody, that’s who.

With that in mind, I’m going to take a look at the top 5 dog breeds you could take to college, and I’ll finish up with who in my eye is the clear winner!

Before you get too excited, it’s important to remember that you will need to find out whether your college campus or off campus accommodation accepts pets. The majority don’t seem to be all that pet friendly, but who knows - maybe if enough people start asking, they’ll change the rules!  If you’re sharing a room or apartment with others, be sure to check with roommates to be sure they are comfortable sharing their space with a dog. A pet is a long-term commitment and you want to consider any issues before making the move.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Their name might makes them sound high-maintenance, but, in fact, Cavaliers are incredibly sweet little dogs that are perfect for life in an apartment!

These gentle little dogs are loving and quiet when indoors, but outdoors they can adventure with the big dogs, and love nothing more than exploring new areas - but as they are so tiny, it doesn’t take too long to tire them out!

But, there’s a catch. Their beautiful, flowing coat requires grooming every other day, but they’re so adorable you won’t be able to keep your hand off of it anyway!

  • Size - Small
  • Energy Level - Medium
  • Social Butterfly - Yes with my owner          
  • Happiness Rating - 9/10


  • Affectionate
  • Incredibly easy to train
  • Adventurous


  • Requires frequent grooming
  • Can suffer separation anxiety


This loveable and incredibly smart little dog ain’t the breed for couch potatoes. They’re like mini athletesand love nothing more than going on hikes, bike rides, and runs!

The perfect breed for the active college student who wants a companion for their busy weeks, and outdoorsy weekends!

  • Size - Small
  • Energy Level - High
  • Social Butterfly - Big Time!
  • Happiness Rating - 10/1


  • Intelligent
  • Doesn’t shed
  • Suited to energetic people
  • Not afraid of the outdoors
  • Great little guard dog


  • Needs plenty of exercise
  • Requires lots of mental stimulation
  • Additional coat grooming does cost more if not done at home


If you’re the kind of go-getter who wakes up early, goes for a run, and then goes hiking on the weekend - the English Bulldog probably isn’t for you (but, the one above is!).

If, on the other hand, you’re more of a Netflix and chill, order pizza on a Tuesday kind of student - you’ve found your soul-mate right here!

English Bulldogs are commonly known as the laziest dog breed in existence, with a penchant for napping, and going on super short walks - these guys are pretty happy to hang out while you play video games and take daytime naps.

  • Size - Medium
  • Energy Level - Low
  • Social Butterfly - I love everyone!
  • Happiness Rating - 8/10


  • Doesn’t require much exercise
  • Incredibly friendly
  • Ridiculously cute


  • Doesn’t enjoy warmer climates


The Lhasa Apso is a bit of a goofball, he loves to play and go for walks, but can be just as happy cuddling up on the couch! I don't know how they do it, but this little breed manages to fit so much love into such a teeny package.

They do require regular clipping, or they end up looking like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family, but they’re no fuss to clip and look like adorable little fluffballs afterward.

  • Size - Small
  • Energy Level - Medium
  • Social Butterfly - Yay for people and dogs!
  • Happiness Rating - 10/10


  • Perfect size
  • Enjoys playing
  • Happy to cuddle up on the couch or be active


  • Requires coat clipping which can get expensive if you don’t do it at home
  • Can be territorial
  • Prefers company


This regal sounding, and even more regal looking dog breed is incredibly sweet. Happy to let strangers pet them, and very good with other dogs. A no fuss, happy about everything kind of dog.

  • Size - Small
  • Energy Level - Medium
  • Social Butterfly - Yes, but not annoyingly so
  • Happiness Rating - 9/10


  • Loyal little dogs
  • Good size
  • Gets on with anyone and anything
  • Very trainable


  • Does require grooming
  • Cheeky and require good training from the get go


How is it even possible to pick a winner out of this amazing lineup of breeds? They are all phenomenal dogs, with phenomenal traits. And any college student would be lucky to welcome them into their lives.

But, for the sake of finishing this article - I shall pick a winner. And I shall choose it based off of purely selfish criteria. Which dog would I most like to take to college?!

Drum roll please...

The Papillon!

A friendly, and loving breed. The Papillon will be just as happy coming hiking on the weekend as he would curled up for a Harry Potter Movie marathon.

I would go as far as to say the Papillon is the Mary Poppins of the dog world - practically perfect in every way. And I would have happily taken one to college!

A college lifestyle doesn't always leave an opportunity for outdoor walks with your dog. Thankfully there's an indoor potty solution - WizSmart Dog Pads! 

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