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Best Small Dog Breeds for Allergies: Are Hypoallergenic Dogs Really a Thing?

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on May 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM EDT

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, about 10% of the population in the U.S. is allergic to dogs. You’re not alone if you suffer from dog allergies. However, technically speaking, you’re not allergic to the dog. You’re allergic to the proteins found in the saliva, urine, and skin flakes, and the dander that is attached to the dog. It’s these proteins or allergens, not the dog itself, that cause an allergic reaction to the dog. These allergens are harmless, but they can and do trigger your immune system which causes sniffling, sneezing, itchiness, hives, and watery eyes.

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Best Small Dog Breeds for Kids

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on November 27, 2017 9:41:40 AM EST

If your family situation allows, it’s always nice to be able for children to have a dog. Growing up with a pet lets a child learn about empathizing with others, caring for animals and taking responsibility. Plus, dogs are just a whole lot of fun! Who better to listen to a child’s hopes and dreams or cuddle with a child when he’s feeling blue?  If you’re thinking about the best small dog breeds for your kids, there are some things to take into consideration.

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5 Best Quiet Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on October 10, 2017 11:58:00 AM EDT

This is the third in our series, Best Dog Breeds for Apartments...

While most dogs can be trained to not bark or howl, it makes life easier if you choose one with natural tendencies toward silence. This is especially true with apartment living. There is no such thing as a dog that never vocalizes for any reason. Dogs will be dogs, after all. Be advised that barking and vocalizing, like most other behaviors, will increase due to a lack of attention. Often, small dogs are the breeds of choice for living in a confined space, but some of the larger breeds can thrive in an apartment lifestyle, provided they get sufficient exercise on a regular basis. Therefore, here is a list of dogs that are more prone to quiet behavior:

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5 Best Dog Breeds for College Students

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on September 12, 2017 2:00:00 PM EDT

This is the first in our series, Best Dog Breeds for Apartments...

Heading off to college can be a daunting experience. You’re leaving behind your hometown, family, and friends - to venture into the world of adulthood.

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