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5 Best Quiet Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on October 10, 2017 11:58:00 AM EDT

This is the third in our series, Best Dog Breeds for Apartments...

While most dogs can be trained to not bark or howl, it makes life easier if you choose one with natural tendencies toward silence. This is especially true with apartment living. There is no such thing as a dog that never vocalizes for any reason. Dogs will be dogs, after all. Be advised that barking and vocalizing, like most other behaviors, will increase due to a lack of attention. Often, small dogs are the breeds of choice for living in a confined space, but some of the larger breeds can thrive in an apartment lifestyle, provided they get sufficient exercise on a regular basis. Therefore, here is a list of dogs that are more prone to quiet behavior:


A pug is an excellent go-to dog for life in an apartment. The quiet and sedate nature of the pug is ideal for this way of living. The pug is capable of barking, and he will, but only when he is agitated to the point of being fearful, extremely hungry, or excited. Pugs who bark when playing will quickly run out of breath. The rotund build of the pug is not compatible with aerobics.


Known for being “the dog that does not bark,” the Basenji replaces this typical canine vocalization with a characteristic yodel. However, even that happens rarely. Tough and extremely intelligent, the Basenji will adapt readily to apartment living, although he will do best with a daily outing.


The quiet and sedate sighthound can run faster than nearly any other breed of dog, but he prefers life on the couch. The Whippet, unlike other types of hound, does not typically bay or howl. The Whippet is friendly and calm, a perfect medium-sized companion for life in a small space.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier, though a hunting breed, is not prone to volleys of obnoxious barking. They are sweet tempered and typically quiet. They bond very tightly with their owners and can be prone to obesity if they are not encouraged to keep moving. They are among the smallest of spaniel breeds and will settle nicely into apartment living.

English Bulldog

Notorious for their couch potato affinity, the rumple-faced English bulldogs will thrive in a quiet apartment lifestyle. They love to sleep, eat, and lie around. They are not prone to expending the energy required in barking. This bulldog makes an ideal apartment companion.

Regardless of what breed you choose, keep the individual dog’s needs in mind. Apartment living provides its own challenges. Whether you need dog pads or interactive toys, give your dog the best quality of life possible, and your efforts will be rewarded in many ways.


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