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How to Keep Your Dog from Peeing in the Crate

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on August 15, 2018 11:47:58 AM EDT

If your puppy is peeing in their crate, even if you’re giving them frequent outdoor potty breaks, rest assured you’re not alone in your frustration. Other pet owners have the same problem. By understanding your puppy’s needs, adjusting your expectations, and making a few changes to your routine and theirs, you can stop the peeing and successfully potty train your puppy.

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Topics: New Puppy, Crate Training A Puppy

What Your Puppy’s Behavior is Trying to Tell You

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on August 3, 2018 12:32:00 PM EDT

Although puppies don’t speak our language, they do have common behaviors and body language that they use to get our attention. They can and will let us know what they want from us if we pay attention and learn to interpret their behavior, cries, and actions.

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Topics: Dog Health, Puppy Behavior

8 Dog and Puppy Potty Pad Training Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on July 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM EDT

The directions on your dog’s potty training pads may be simple and effective, yet some dogs require a little more attention to training on a pad. Making sure you master some of the basics from the very beginning, and knowing which longer term mistakes to avoid, will help you and your four legged friend head down a more successful path to potty or pad training. 

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Topics: Puppy Pee Pads, dog pad training, puppy pad training

Training Your Dog with Newspaper vs. Dog Pee Pads

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on July 10, 2018 8:34:00 AM EDT

The Philosophy Behind Pads and Paper

The whole idea behind using either a dog pee pad or a layer of newspapers is to train your puppy to potty in a designated area that is also protected by some sort of disposable pad—either newsprint or a puppy pee pad. Puppies will relieve themselves in the same spot whether there is protection there are or not, simply because the urine odor remains. The pad or paper is just for the owner’s convenience and ease. That said, which is better for both the dog and the owner?

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Topics: dog pad training

Best Small Dog Breeds for Seniors

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on June 21, 2018 9:16:00 AM EDT

There’s a lot to be said for what a dog can do for the quality of a person’s life after age 50. Study after study has shown that dog ownership increases survival rates after heart attacks, lowers incidents of depression and suicide, increases physical activity, and promotes more social interaction with other people of all ages. Dog ownership can lower cholesterol and triglycerides, decrease blood pressure, reduce stress, and help build self-esteem, increase mental alertness, and lift the spirits of people with Alzheimer's disease. More importantly, seniors tend to take better care of themselves when they own and care for a pet.

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Best Small Dog Breeds for Travel

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on June 15, 2018 12:07:23 PM EDT

Traveling is always more fun when you can bring a friend, spouse, or even better, your dog, along to share the experience. Small dog breeds make particularly good travel companions. They can fit under a plane seat as well as in the smallest of cars or RVs. They can be trained to potty indoors and most don’t shed enough for anyone to notice. They’re less likely to be intimidating to strangers and can be held or easily crated or contained if need be. How you travel, however, can cause problems for some small dog breeds so will you need to take this factor in to consideration when choosing a small dog as a travel companion.

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Topics: Dog Travel Tips

Preventing Heartworms in Dogs:  What You Need to Know to Protect Your Dog

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on May 16, 2018 6:14:00 AM EDT

Heartworms are worms that live the final stages of their lives inside the hearts of host animals. Their hosts are usually dogs, though cats and ferrets can also get heartworms. If left untreated, heartworm infestation is fatal, but the good news is that a simple monthly treatment starting at 6-8 weeks of age can protect your dog from getting heartworms and ultimately, save your best friend’s life.

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Topics: Dog Health

Best Small Dog Breeds for Allergies: Are Hypoallergenic Dogs Really a Thing?

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on May 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM EDT

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, about 10% of the population in the U.S. is allergic to dogs. You’re not alone if you suffer from dog allergies. However, technically speaking, you’re not allergic to the dog. You’re allergic to the proteins found in the saliva, urine, and skin flakes, and the dander that is attached to the dog. It’s these proteins or allergens, not the dog itself, that cause an allergic reaction to the dog. These allergens are harmless, but they can and do trigger your immune system which causes sniffling, sneezing, itchiness, hives, and watery eyes.

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Topics: Best Dog Breeds, Dog Breeds By Size

Addressing the Impact of Pets on the Environment: Eco Friendly Puppy Pee Pads and Other Dog Care Products

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on April 18, 2018 11:40:18 AM EDT

While most of us don’t think much about our pets and the environment, there are hundreds of pet product manufacturers who do. They don’t just have an Earth Day concern, but a year-round awareness about what affect more than 225 million pets are having on the world around us. There’s a reason to be concerned. The number of pets in America is rapidly approaching the number of registered automobiles in America - 268.8 million. And if cars are impacting our environment, what do you think our pets are doing? Celebrating Earth Day this month, maybe it’s time to think about how everyday can be earth day by using eco friendly puppy pee pads and other dog care products.

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Topics: dog pee pads, Puppy Pee Pads

Dog Pads and Cleanliness: Are Pee Pads Hygienic?

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on April 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM EDT

When you’re a dog owner, you’re pretty much used to the fact that life with a dog can be messy. But just how messy does is have to be? When it comes to your dog going potty, that’s not a situation where you want to be getting your hands dirty. Fecal matter and urine contain harmful bacteria and chemicals that can make you, your family, and even your pets sick. And while having potty pads in your home may sound like an unhygienic option, it’s actually quite the opposite given today’s technology and manufacturers’ dedication to providing better options to pets and their owners.

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Topics: Adult Dog Pads, dog pee pad, dog pad hygiene

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