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Dog Pads and Cleanliness: Are Pee Pads Hygienic?

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on April 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM EDT

When you’re a dog owner, you’re pretty much used to the fact that life with a dog can be messy. But just how messy does is have to be? When it comes to your dog going potty, that’s not a situation where you want to be getting your hands dirty. Fecal matter and urine contain harmful bacteria and chemicals that can make you, your family, and even your pets sick. And while having potty pads in your home may sound like an unhygienic option, it’s actually quite the opposite given today’s technology and manufacturers’ dedication to providing better options to pets and their owners.

Dog Pad Technology and Hygiene

Most dog pads contain one filling, and that is pretty much the same stuff that you find in diapers - great at absorbing for sure. But dog pads like WizSmart pads take things up a notch. They combine recycled diaper fill from unused diapers with another miracle fiber. That miracle fiber is known as Eucapet, which is made from the Eucalyptus plant. This unique combination results in the pad behaving more like a high-end diaper to achieve superior absorption and a fast drying surface – absorbing and containing unhygienic matter right where it belongs. And because the pads dry faster, your dog’s paws stay drier too, limiting the opportunity for their paws to track urine throughout the house.

Leak Free Pads Keep Things Sanitary

Some pee pads do an incredible job of trapping urine, locking in the bacteria and ammonia and keeping you safe from sleepily walking into a puddle of pee on your own way for a middle of the night bathroom break. Pee puddles in the house tend to spread and splash, and being an almost clear liquid it’s incredibly hard to clean up adequately. Lateral barriers and strong sealed edges ensure no leaking or spill-over, keeping your spacers cleaner and more sanitary.

Quick Drying

Not only that, but the fast dry technology means that the pads absorb 150ml of liquid in 14 seconds flat, and it even starts drying into the pad immediately. Many other brands leave the pad with liquid sat atop making your pooch walks through his piddle and trudge pee all through your lovely clean home; not only does your pooch not enjoy this, but it will leave you having to clean the trail of wet and stinky paw prints!

Mess Free Disposal

Unlike more traditional potty methods, the pad captures and provides easy disposal by utilizing a pad to capture your pup’s bathroom breaks. You can merely unstick the stick down tabs, and from the clear and clean plastic edging roll it up to throw it away. This guarantees that you get rid of the entirety of the mess in one fell swoop.

What The Pad Protects You From

Did you know that there are all sorts of bacteria and parasites hiding in your dog’s urine and fecal matter? And by allowing him to go do his business right on the grass or paved area of your yard - you’re risking your health. Let’s take a look through some of the biggest risks that pee pads protect you against:


Everyone knows that ammonia is present in urine, but did you know that even temporary exposure can cause adverse reactions to the skin and eyes, and long-term exposure can cause respiratory disease?


Many people are allergic to dogs to some extent. And while the most common allergen is the dander, i.e., the skin and hair that your pup sheds, another potential allergen is the protein found in the saliva and urine of your pooch.


This condition can be picked up by coming into contact with an infected dog’s urine. Once contracted, the symptoms can be as mild as headaches and muscle pain but can also include life-threatening problems including kidney failure and bleeding of the lungs.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much you love your pooch, there’s no way that you can love the mess of potty breaks, and with so many articles telling us all about intestinal parasites - keeping yourself safe and clean around the result of their natural bodily functions is something you have to take seriously.

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