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Potty Pad Training a Male Dog

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on October 26, 2017 1:00:00 PM EDT

Pee Pads for Boy Dogs?

It’s a modern world and one that some of the older generation have a hard time getting their heads around. The internet, GPS, 24-hour shopping, the list goes on and on. And now you can add to it - pee pads for boy dogs.  This fairly modern invention is the ultimate luxury for modern day pet owners… Snow day?  Mobility issues for you or your pet? Timid little pup? Injury?

Easy! Pick up some dog potty pads with adhesive strips, and you need worry no more.

Most people will at minimum use dog pee pads during puppyhood (actually, their dogs use them, let’s not get confused here!) and then again when their little ball of fluff becomes a senior dog that requires training. But as owners find that their puppy’s bladder can last longer than 20 minutes, and they progress to walks in the neighborhood and socializing at the doggy park, they can enjoy taking care of ‘business’ in the great outdoors.

Luckily, doggies are adaptable little beasts and are happy to go either on dog pee pads or outdoors. And in this day and age, with our varied and flexible lifestyles, it’s great to have an indoor potty pad option for our four legged friends no matter what stage of life they’re in.

Boy Dog Grows Up: Case Study

Sometimes, things are not as easy or as obvious as they might seem. Take Fred, dog parent to Loki, for example, who has a great buddy in Loki...


Loki bounded into Fred’s life at eight weeks of age. They found house training a puppy on potty pads quite easy, they got through some difficult teething problems, and even went shopping for new furniture together...yes, that’s right, they’re that close!

Life was good, the guys went on road trips, watched football and crashed in front of the TV. No bad habits, Loki was a well socialized, obedient addition to the family.

Loki comes of age

Fast forward to Loki turning nine months old, and Fred had a major problem.

Loki suddenly started to lift his leg when urinating. That in itself was not a problem, but the fact that his aim was all over the place was a huge problem. The dog pads that Fred was buying were very absorbent, but how to get Loki to go on them was now a challenge given his new 3 legged stance.

Pee Pad for Boy DogsThe Solution: A pee Pad for male Dogs

Luckily for Fred, the dog pads he was using had sticky tape attached to the bottom to hold them in place. Having a dog pad with adhesive strips was great when Loki was a puppy as it meant he didn’t drag his soiled pad all over the house, but they really came into their own when Loki turned from a little fluffy puppy into a HeMan dog.

Fred took the pee pads that he had always laid flat on the floor and, using the adhesive strip, put half of a pad on the floor and attached the other half onto the wall. He secured one pad going into a corner of the room, another pad coming out of the corner, and one on the floor. Voila, a dog pad for male dogs!

At first, Fred put Loki back on his leash so he could help guide him through yet another rite of passage but it really didn’t take long for Loki to get the idea and he was jacking his leg like a big boy. Even though the pads were attached to the wall, the liquid didn’t run out of the pad; it was absorbed, as usual, dried as usual and still left Fred’s home odor free.

The adhesive tabs did a great job too, and even held up when Loki had to be left alone for a whole day, and the pad had a real workout!

We know male dogs are going to jack their leg, (unless of course they’re neutered before they reach maturity, then they might not), it’s their doggy instinct. Don’t look on it as a problem, just an opportunity to sample, yet again, one of the great advantages of our modern world.

Do you need to train your male dog to use a dog pee pad? Try a free sample of the WizSmart pee pads for male dogs and see the difference the right pad can make when it comes to keeping your dog and your home clean and fresh!   

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