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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Getting a Male or Female Puppy

Posted by WizSmart by Petix on October 31, 2017 1:03:00 PM EDT

In the eternal battle of the sexes, male and female dogs both have their fans. You may be wondering if the differences between a male or female puppy are really that significant, and there are in fact pros and cons for both sexes.

If you look at these pros and cons, you’ll find a lot of phrases like “people believe.” That’s because a) research is lacking about personality differences in male vs female dogs; and b) lots of people have different opinions about this subject. We’re left with some general beliefs but not a lot of facts. Here’s what most people will tell you about a male puppy vs female puppy:

Pros and Cons for Male Puppies

  • Male puppies are usually bigger than their female siblings. This usually continues in most breeds as male dogs are bigger than female dogs. Depending on the breed, adult males and females can be about the same size or males can be noticeably larger and more masculine in appearance.
  • Neutering a male puppy or dog will cost less than spaying a female puppy or dog.
  • While some people believe that males are more aggressive, some female dogs can also be aggressive or protective of their homes and families. However, male dogs may be more territorial when it comes to other dogs.
  • Some male dogs, depending on breed or mix, can be laid back and very affectionate. There is a common belief that many male dogs are more affectionate than female dogs.
  • Male puppies and dogs can be more eager to please than female dogs.
  • For many breeds and mixes, potty pad training a male dog can take longer. This is even true with Toy and small breeds.

Pros and Cons for Female Puppies

  • Female dogs are usually more feminine in appearance than male dogs. A female puppy will usually grow up to be slightly smaller than her brother, depending on the breed.
  • Spaying your female puppy or dog will cost more than neutering a male.
  • Female puppies tend to mature faster than males, so they have an early advantage in training.
  • Like all moms, female dogs can be protective and even aggressive if they are defending puppies.
  • Female puppies and dogs can be more independent than males. While they can be very loving and affectionate, like males, at times they can be bold and completely ignore your wishes. They can have a mind of their own.
  • Female puppies and dogs are usually easier to house train than males.

Making the Decision on a Male or Female Puppy

If you’re thinking of getting a puppy it’s a good idea to consider the temperament of the breed and the individual dog. Meet some puppies and see which one you connect with, whether it’s a male or female puppy. Gender can be less important than the strong bond you form with an individual puppy or dog. Males can be goofy when they’re young. Females can be bossy. But there are wonderful puppies and dogs of both sexes. See which puppy is the best match for you.

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